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Keeping track of all of your belongings while traversing a foreign land can be stressful. The Travelab Freedom Pack is designed to remove that stress so you can focus on what truly matters - what's in front of you. The Freedom Pack is a packable daypack you can transition into upon arrival at your destination, with anti-theft features that give you the ultimate peace of mind. The combination of it's slash-resistant and weatherproof exterior, coupled with zippers hidden against your back means no feasible entry for pickpockets or thieves. No more looking over your shoulders or wearing silly frontpacks. One of the real winners of the backpack has to be its cleverly placed quick-access side pockets, which provide access to your essentials without ever having to remove the bag. The Travelab Freedom pack is a great reminder to us that travel gear should work with you, not against you, and it comes highly recommended.


  • Slash-Resistant and Anti-Theft
  • Weatherproof with YKK storm-guard zippers
  • Access your essentials without having to remove the bag
  • Packs a punch, fits in your pocket


  • Designed to be packable and for traveling light, there is not much protection. Pair it with tech sleeves, or wander where the wifi is 'free'

Product Specifications:

  • 220 grams
  • 12 Litres capacity
  • 12 kg load bearing

Customer Reviews

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Great service

I was a formerly disgruntled Kickstarter backer. Soon after, they got in contact with me claiming that the first batch had issues and offered me a complementary replacement. I was skeptical at first, but had nothing to lose. After receipt of the bag, I just say I've been enjoying it. I've been using it as a day bag, sometimes even using it to lug around my 14imch laptop. I take back all my past thoughts, this is quite the bag and well worth the asking price.

Handy and amazing for travel

Brought it with me for student exchange and it came in handy in all my budget flights (which only allow you to carry one bag with you) - I simply folded it and chucked it into my big bag, and took it out for daily use when I arrived at my destination. Super durable and love the useful hidden compartments. Love the clean design as well.


Arrived in the mail the other day. It is fantastic. We do a lot of traveling overseas. Love the fact that the zippers are hidden. Definitely gives you a piece of mind. One less thing to worry about. Love the water bottle pocket, large enough to hold a bigger bottle. One of the main selling points for me was the handle that has a clasp to be able to attach it to a chair if needed.
All around one of the best back packs I have every bought.

Awesome backpack!

This is a really well-made and carefully thought out backpack. The zippers are hidden, the water bottle pocket is a convenient size and the bright green interior makes it easy to find things. I also love that it is waterproof. I am using it for travel as well as an EDC for work. Can't go wrong with this one!

Versatile, surprising comfort and strength

Received it in good condition a few days ago. It takes a while to get used to the different setup compared to typical bags, but I enjoyed how lightweight it is. This is going to be my daily bag since I bought it to replace my ratty old work backpack, and it worked well for various requirements - an evening out to Chinatown, an afternoon to uni (carrying a tablet PC), and a day out taking pictures (carrying a heavy DSLR - 18-200mm lens!). The carrying handle, straps, and material are robust enough for the heavy camera so far. The straps are also surprisingly comfortable for such a light construction. Only one little gripe about the slipperiness of the fabric in practical use. E.g. i) the card slot is really fantastic, but sometimes I worry that the card will slip out (it is a bit too easy to push out), and ii) while taking the bus, it was harder to hold the bag still on my lap when it was more heavily laden and the bus jerked around. However, given that it is meant to be lightweight, I really cannot complain and overall love your product. Well done!

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