Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Travel Pillow

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We chanced upon the Cabeau because we were tired of travel pillows that just don't work. Say goodbye to sleepless flights and hello to a patented ergonomic design with a flat back that conforms to your neck. The Cabeau's memory foam is so soft-yet-supportive you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. We're careful with our praise, but we'd even venture as far as to say that the Cabeau is arguably the most comfortable travel neck pillow on the marketWe also love that it shrinks to 1/4 the size and packs into a travel bag (provided) when not in use, and has a removable washable cover - which in our opinion just goes to show how it never designed to be a one-time use pillow bought out of desperation at the airport. And rightly so.


  • Extremely comfortable memory foam
  • Patented ergonomic design (we love the pillow's flat back)
  • Packs to 1/4 of its size
  • Washable, hence reusable


  • Pillow may be slightly large for smaller frames
  • May be slightly warm (though we actually appreciate the warmth onboard a plane)
  • Due to it's enhanced neck support shape, it may not work well with large headphones


  • 9.5"L x 10"W x 5"H (24 x 25 x 13cm)
  • 12.6oz (360g)

    Customer Reviews

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    Love the travel pillow!

    Good job and keep it up

    I swear by this pillow!

    I swear by this pillow. It really really works. It doesn't work well if you have headphones though.

    Great Product!

    Bought this before my Eurotrip and was really glad I made the investment. Stand out product and I barely had any form of neck ache when I got off the plane. Stuffed it into my backpack and I was good to go!

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