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The Cabeau Evolution Cool is the business class upgrade of their best-selling Memory Foam pillows. If you ever find yourself feeling too warm on board - this is the pillow for you. With a mesh cooling vent channel that runs through the middle of the pillows' structure, you won't be left sweating in your chair trying to trade off support with overheating. Designed to provide Cabeau's unparalleled neck support in a streamlined silhouette, the Evolution Cool also features magnetic locking clasps for smooth measure. We also love that it shrinks to 1/2 the size and packs into a travel bag (provided) when not in use. The travel bag has 2 additional pockets, which we find useful for storing earplugs (provided) or earphones. The pillow also has a removable washable cover - which in our opinion just goes to show how it never designed to be a one-time use pillow bought out of desperation at the airport. And rightly so.


  • The 'coolest' pillow we have to offer, and it looks great too
  • Extremely comfortable memory foam
  • Streamlined silhouette makes it smaller than most other pillows but with just as much support
  • Packs to 1/2 of its size
  • Removable washable cover


  • Pillow may be slightly large for smaller frames
  • Does not provide as much neck support as the original Cabeau counterpart


  • 9.5"L x 7"W x 4"H (24 x 18 x 10.2cm)
  • 450g

    Customer Reviews

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    This thing is AWESOME!

    Okay, I know it's crazy - but I am totally WOW'ed by this travel neck pillow. After going through many neck pillows over the past few years, I finally found what I think is my new FAVORITE :) Sadly, I literally ordered this the same day that I also ordered the company's sister-pillow (the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow)... when they came in the mail before my last big trip, I just couldn't decide between the two, and ended up keeping both. While I think the original pillow is SUPER SOFT and will make great for really longggg plane rides, this is definitely the one I'll be taking with me EVERYWHERE. The main reason for this purchase was the breathability, and the "cool" effect. And it's true - this pillow is a total game changer! My neck is no longer hot and sweaty, and my hair doesn't get all creased and messed up like from the bigger, bulkier travel pillows. It's light and comfortable, and best of all (I know it's repetitive) - but NOT BULKY ! ! ! It easily rolls into an attachable, portable bag - making it super convenient to travel with. For me, it's still so hard to believe that this skinny little thing works so well, but to be honest - I am in love. Great purchase. Great Decision. This thing will always be with me for when I travel. I think it's the perfect little pillow for shorter flights. And the fact that it doesn't make you all hot, makes it excellent for longer flights as well :) VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER :)

    Expensive but better than I thought.

    I just flew one of the non-stop flights from Singapore to San Francisco Ca, which is a 16 hour flight in economy with this pillow. I bought it just before the flight and got it a day before my flight. First thing it it come with a nice bag which has a loop that can be attached to a hook on the outside of your backpack. My last pillow had to be stuffed in my backpack taking up valuable space. I am 6" and 220lbs so it fit nicely. The back is flatish and does not push out on my neck but does give it support. The latch on the front has a magnet with a latch which is easy to use. You can set the draw strings to your comfort level. When I would try to get sleep I would cinch it up so I would have some support under my chin. I did not where it the entire flight because it did become uncomfortable but I don't care what pillow you use after 16 hours anything will become uncomfortable. Some people said it has a bad smell. Mine did not. Even if it did it usually goes away on memory foam pretty quickly. It actually looks bigger when I look in the mirror or picture of myself than it feels. It feels small and I was a bit concerned it would not hold up on a 16 hour flight. After spending about 16hrs each way to SF and back I would say this is about as good as it gets if your sitting in economy and not taking cat tranquilizers to get you through the trip.

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