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The Mogics is often described as a travel adaptor, but this isn't painting a complete picture of it's capabilities. More accurately, the Mogics is the world's smallest power strip that fits in your pocket. With a retractable cable that runs 3 feet (92cm) long, and the ability to charge up to 7 devices at once (2 USB ports, 4 Universal AC ports and 1 US AC port), the Mogics is perfect for traveling and charging up in public areas like coffee shops and libraries. It even has a spare fuse to save you the trouble.


  • Charges up to 7 devices, fits in your pocket
  • Fits UK plugs too, amazing given its form factor
  • Retractable cable makes for versatile use
  • Fuse is replaceable, comes kitted with a spare fuse


  • Donut adaptor usage can take some getting used to|

Product Specifications:

  • 4 Universal AC + 1 US AC + 2 USB ports + Travel adapter included
  • 32mm Thick
  • Cable is 3 feet (92cm) long
  • 6.3A Safety Fuse integrated + 1 spare fuse Power Limit
  • 1512W @240V
  • 756W @120V

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    It's really nifty and compact - but the travel adaptor needs a bit of getting used to (and you might want to be gentle when you do so) but overall really great and handy! Delivery was fast and good service by the team at The Expedition.

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