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When preparing for road trips or flights, we sometimes forget to take care of the body parts that actually keep us moving. Spending long hours sitting, or even standing, can take its toll on your body and your body’s foundation, the legs and feet. Studies have shown that travelers have an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (or DVT) and blood clots that can migrate to the lungs and lead to a pulmonary embolism. The good news is there’s a solution that will allow you to give your feet a break, your legs some rest, and kick back with the socks that love to travel.

Cabeau Travel introduces its new Bamboo Compression Socks, great for everyday use and specially designed to help prevent the occurrence and further progression of numerous venous disorders such as edema, phlebitis, and thrombosis. Not only will they help you avoid potentially serious medical problems, but these eco-friendly Bamboo Compression Socks can be used for preventative leg health by helping to promote blood circulation, reduce leg and feet swelling, eliminate general fatigue, and actually energize your legs.

Rest Easy. We’ve Got Your Legs Covered.
Our eco-friendly Bamboo Compression Socks have been specially designed to help prevent the occurrence and progression of numerous medical conditions, by promoting blood circulation, reducing leg and feet swelling, eliminating fatigue + energizing your legs. So you arrive feeling better than you left.

Promote Leg Circulation
Applies gentle systemic pressure to the lower legs, increasing blood flow back towards the heart.

Keep Feet Fresh, Dry + Comfortable
Our moisture wicking bamboo is ultra-soft, anti-microbial and naturally reduces odors.

Relief From Varicose and Spider Veins
Travel compression socks designed to help prevent occurrences and discomfort while standing, sitting + traveling.

Decrease Leg + Foot Swelling
Our innovative design provides optimal support, and massages you legs + feet as you move.

Reduce Fatigue + Boosts Energy
Engineered pressure zones gently revitalize you feet + legs during long-haul travel.

Unisex Design
Both men and women can enjoy the comfort and support of these eco-friendly compression socks.

(U.S.A.) M=5-9, W=6-10 / (UK) M=5-9, W=6-10 / (Japan) M=22.5-26.5, W=22-26 / (Europe) Unisex=36-42

(U.S.A.) M=9-15, W=10-16 / (UK) M=8-14, W=9-15 / (Japan) M=26.5-31.5, W=26-31 / (Europe) Unisex=42-47

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