Holiday's Over: 5 Things Successful People Do To Get Back To Work

Vacations are awesome and are often a much needed break. But returning from a break can be a real bummer. Here are some tips on how to ease back into work and maximize that holiday state of mind.

1. Get An Early Start

If you want to ease back into work, you’ve got to prepare. Going to bed early the night before, and getting into the office before everyone else gives you a head start and time to clear your headspace without distractions. By the time people start streaming in, you've already accomplished half a day's work.

2. Pace Yourself

You might find yourself clearing through your long list of to-dos at breakneck pace. That's great - just remember to let your body and mind make a natural adjustment to prevent your efforts from being counterproductive. I find it helpful to take a couple of moments to think back to my time off, browse through a few photos, and being grateful for a good time.

3. Control Your Schedule

Don't dive straight into emails, or load your day with meetings. Some even suggest coming back a day early, or keeping that away message on for an extra day so you don't get overwhelmed. Grab some coffee and get caught up with your teams, and find out if there were any major occurrences while you were away. Catching up with your clients or customers can give you a good perspective on the pulse of the moment, and that may inform your priorities.

4. Focus, Prioritize, Organize

Take time to gather the information and prioritize what's important, and then put together a to-do list. This could be organizing your inbox into folders, planning your schedule for the week, and deciding which activities are truly important and will move the needle - before diving in.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

I enjoy factoring in a good healthy lunch. If you absolutely have to take meetings, take it outside the office and soak in the fresh air. And don't be afraid to leave the office early, and have something fun planned for the evening.

Transition: Accomplished.

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